Facts About Breast Augmentation Surgery

In Florida, women assess details about breast augmentation surgery before they book their surgery. These details provide them with necessary information that determines if the procedure is right for them. They evaluate possible risks and learn what to expect before and after the procedure. The following are facts about breast augmentation surgery.

What to Expect Prior to the Procedure?

The patient must undergo a consultation in which a medical assessment is performed. The patient makes all selections about their procedure. The surgeon discusses any medications that could cause issues during or after the procedure. On the day of the procedure, the patient is given a general anesthetic to allow them to sleep during the entire procedure. The surgeon will make an incision based on the selections of the patient. The implant is positioned inside a pocket created in the breast muscles or underneath the skin. The incisions are closed up after the implant installation.

What to Expect After the Procedure?

The patient may experience some pain and discomfort upon waking. The surgeon wraps the breasts securely after the procedure. During some procedures, drainage tubes are installed. The surgeon will remove these tubes after the patient has healed completely. The recovery process could take up to six weeks.

What are the Possible Complications?

The most common complications associated with the procedure start with breast pain and possible changes in sensation. Under some circumstances, women may lose sensation around the areole or the entire breast. Scar tissue could also develop and cause hardening of the breast. Scarring, infection, and bleeding are also possible. Some breast implants could cause size or shape differences between their breasts. Rupture of the implants are also possible.

Does Health Insurance Cover the Procedure?

Most health care insurance doesn’t cover cosmetic procedures unless they are medically necessary. However, breast augmentation as a form of reconstruction after cancer treatment or due to a serious accident is covered.

In Florida, women explore information about breast augmentation to make a well-informed decision. They identify risks and possible issues as well as explore all possible outcomes. This information determines which procedure is the most beneficial without presenting greater risks. Women who want to learn more about these procedures can view more here.